The Anatomy of the Perfect Home Office

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Even though many of us have now had time to adjust to working from home, converting our largely comfort-focused homes into efficient professional workspaces can still pose a challenge.

Below, we’re breaking down the anatomy of the perfect home office.

  1. Natural Light

Sitting next to a window may seem like an opportunity for distraction, but it can actually increase your alertness. All that natural daylight trickling in will make your mind more awake, and in months of good weather, you can open the window for a breath of fresh air. If you can’t have a window in your workspace, at least stay in a room somewhat close to a window.

Studies have shown that having exposure to natural light has a wide range of health benefits, including increased productivity. There is also a strong correlation between daylight exposure in the workplace and your quality of sleep, mental health, visual acuity, productivity, and physical health.

  1. Ergonomic Equipment

Don’t underestimate the power of good equipment. The right tools can support you in creating a healthy, comfortable workspace and even prevent postural problems, like back pain, later on. Start with an ergonomic chair, or if you’re interested in avoiding the problems with sitting in general, you can invest in a standing desk. 

  1. Air Purifying Plants

Plants in your home office can do far more than making the place look pretty. Having plants around you as you work can also improve air quality, reduce stress, and generally make your home office more pleasant. In our opinion, the more plants the better! 

  1. Energy Inducing Colors

The colors surrounding you can impact your mood. When chosen with purpose, the color of the walls or desk decor in your home office can enhance productivity. For instance, blue is known to stimulate the mind, leading to more productivity, while green is best for balance and calmness, and yellow can evoke feelings of happiness and brighten spirits.

Going back to the traditional office setup may take a lot longer. So, while waiting for that time to come, think about what makes you the most productive and happiest at work, and use the tips above to recreate that kind of environment in your workspace at home.

Posted by Nicole MacDonald
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