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Lifestyle | Written by Chris Lavoie

There are a number of different philosophies on home ownership and improving your dwelling.  I’ve been investing and improving properties, mostly my DOMAINE, consistently for over 17 years.  The process of having a vision or idea about how you can make the living space flow better or have a more modern and updated aesthetic seems obvious to me.  I’m a dreamer and the creative process of thinking about how we live in each space draws me closer to the improvements that make our life better.  

With our 2 boys, Finn (7) and Graham (5), I keep imagining what I would like their childhood memories to be and how to create a space that manifests those moments.  It really all comes down to enjoying your home.  If you have the resources (time, money, patience, guts) to do the work of making your home better, the reward is enjoyment and love of your home.  This is why I truly believe that with the right amount of planning and intentionality, you can create the life you want through the spaces you call home.  Improve your home to enjoy your home — not only for the investment portion of the experience.  It’s less about the return on investment (ROI) than it is about the enjoyment that you will create from the space.  

I talk with people everyday about their homes and how they are working or not working for them.  Often, it illuminates the fact that making a change is exactly what they want going forward.  Real estate should be a bi-product of the lifestyle that you are seeking in your life.  It sometimes shows that you have a longer vision for how real estate will support your lifestyle and this is the path that I’ve always endorsed for friends and clients.  This is a really wise way to approach your home and your lifestyle to look at it long term.  

When considering an improvement at your home, I highly recommend that you do your best to both improve your lifestyle and get a high return on the investment you have made.  Bathrooms and Kitchens tend to be the best (and most expensive) place to make lasting improvements to the home that provides both the highest ROI and the most enjoyment. Family rooms or a gym, workshop, garage, shed are just a few other areas of the property that can be enhanced by improving the home.

I really encourage people to do improvements on the exterior of their home as well.  Landscaping and all things green has been a healthy way for us to live and enjoy our property.  This may be where I spend the most amount of time in our home improvement because it’s rewarding and we can do it easily with our family.  Gardens and firepits are a few of my favorites to add more value to your home. 

This can be relatively affordable and fun to make these improvements that will not only increase the quality of your investment but also the quality of your life. 

Posted by Chris Lavoie
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