Stewardship of Homes and Property

Resources | Written by Chris Lavoie

Stewardship is defined as “the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” The consideration people pay to improving their own property and the neighborhood at large is a vital part of communities continuing to be attractive. This is a subject matter that I’ve been very passionate about over the course of my 18 year career. The bi-product of thoughtful home stewardship is increased value, better overall living enjoyment, and an appreciation for improving the property and how it serves your life.  

I grew up in a modest home and anytime we improved things I always felt great afterward.  I’m seeing this in  our 5 year old son, Graham, who is mesmerized by our home improvements and the transformation that takes place.  I believe that these relatively easy and rewarding projects are leaving a lasting impression on him.  A recent project at our home has allowed me to see this through his eyes and that he knows that he has the ability to improve his life.  He has the vision to see this improvement physically and mentally improve his world. 

With all of the home improvement shows on TV, our culture is clearly enamored with property improvements.  As a veteran Real Estate Broker and Investor, I see the opportunities to enhance a property immediately.  This could be for financial reasons, but on a larger scale it is for better property stewardship.  

I get it. Some people are more aware of the condition of their home than others. There’s nothing worse than when we help someone buy a home and we go in 1, 2, or 10 years later and they haven’t done anything to the property. I know that not everyone is built to do this, but I hope that this message encourages people to take action, to keep stewarding their home in a thoughtful manner.  It shows to everyone that you care. 

How does it make you feel when your neighbor is ignoring their home?  How does it make you feel when your neighbor is intentionally improving and maintaining their home?  The difference is clear that you and they feel better.   

This is a vital part of our lives collectively getting better.  It improves overall property values as well as the general appreciation of your home. Having a home that you care about is not something to take for granted.

As a Broker, the best feeling is when I see that a past client has done a great job taking care of their home. It’s even better to know that it’s value has increased because of their stewardship.  That not only feels good to the owner, but also to potential Buyers and the Agents involved.  It often tells the Buyers Agent that there are likely no issues because the owner has been so thoughtful about all the pieces of their home.  This can often make the process of selling your home easy and cause people to be more active in real estate.  

Posted by Chris Lavoie
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