Chris Lavoie

Chris has been buying/selling real estate for over 18 years and has personally purchased real estate to convert a multi-unit into condos, rehabbed and renovated over seven properties, built a home from the ground up, and currently owns several rental properties. Through his professional and personal experience he has honed his skills, understanding the flow of the local real estate market, thus enabling him to help clients find the right time and property to invest in their future. It is of no surprise that Chris has been in the top 1% of Agents in Maine for the majority of his career.

A true Mainer (technically requiring at least three generations of family born in Maine!) matched with charisma and a good ‘ol New England work ethic, Chris has developed a extensive network of relationships — you might say he’s the Kevin Bacon of Portland, as it is difficult to find anyone with more than 2 degrees of separation from him.

Some would argue that Chris works 24 hours a day, but he can often be found mixing work with pleasure while trolling for fish in the bay, shredding moguls on his tele skis, nose riding his longboard along the Maine coast, captaining the infamous Strikes of Hazard bowling team, or adventuring with his partner in crime, Danielle, and their two young boys.