Welcome to DOMAINE - Our Rebranding Story

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Published 11/28/16

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“Is it DO maine or Domain? What is that?” - That’s what we’ve been hearing from our office mates that have seen sneak peeks of our new branding. And perhaps you’re wondering the same thing…

To start, it’s pronounced “dough-main."
So, why are we re-branding?

Since Chris Lavoie started his real estate career back in 2002...He’s grown a lot. He hired his first full time employee in 2011, and by 2013 had grown to a team of 4 (2 agents and 2 assistants). When he added the first agent to his team it became apparent that a name change was in order to officially grow from a one-agent operation to a team, so we updated all of our marketing materials from “Chris Lavoie” to “The Lavoie Group”. Over the past year, as the team has continued to grow - doubling in growth from 4 to 8 team members - an even bigger change was needed to signify a more inclusive organization that everyone could call their own. Hence the change from The Lavoie Group to DOMAINE. Because it’s not just about Chris or his team anymore. It’s about theteam, each person on it, and the skills that everyone brings to the table.

Our current rebranding process has been a long time in the works. It all started with the creation of our mission and vision statements, continued with the search for our new name and branding design, and culminated in the release of our new website (which we think is pretty sweet by the way!)

While our mission and vision may not be Tesla’s Master Plan, we are proud of the work that we’ve put into our organization, and we’re ready to share it with everyone.

Our Mission

We serve people by being mindful, building trust, and creating authentic relationships that develop strategic real estate plans for life.

Our Vision

To be the most recognized real estate professionals for connecting people to their dreams while cultivating a thriving community.

And why did we choose DOMAINE?

Your home is your domain and we're in the business of connecting people to their dream homes. And while our official name is prononced "dough-Maine", we also like the word play of “Do Maine” as it creates a picture of not only living in Maine, but experiencing Maine, and the suggestion of a new lifestyle for those people who don’t currently live in Maine. In the age of instant gratification and the pressure to be available 24/7, now, more than ever, is the time to get outside and experience nature. And as one of the last frontiers, Maine has plenty of that - the frontiers that have birthed plenty of genuine, hardworking, and entrepreneurial people who understand the value and beauty of the land and passionately find/do work to live here. For the growing amount of people looking across the country to decide where they want to be, and for the people in the local area, we’re asking them to consider, and choose, Maine.

Because, what’s not to love about Maine?

So, as we head into 2017 as DOMAINE, we aim to be the go-to real estate agency for Greater Portland. We want to be the name you think of whenever you have any real estate needs or just want to chat about the market. We love real estate, we love Maine, we love our clients, and we love connecting people to their real estate dreams.