Yasmine Habash

Yasmine is Arab-American, born in the Middle East and also has Maine family roots dating to the 1800’s. Having lived in various parts of the world including, Spain, Germany, and India, she’s an avid traveler, loves learning new languages, exploring museums and eating her way through different cultures. Her travels began with a backpack and Lonely Planet guidebook and slowly etched it’s way toward working with the largest cruise lines in The Last Frontier of Alaska for a decade.

Traveling taught Yasmine about architecture, design and art. Family taught innovation,  creativity, and flexibility. Having previously built her career upon teaching leadership training in social entrepreneurship and managing sales partnerships in tourism, Yasmine will offer you step-by-step guidance while having fun. Her energy will bring assurance, calm and ease into this real estate investment experience- whether it’s your first home, a lake home or anything in between.

Yasmine values living in historic communities where there is a shared sense of preserving what came before and building upon that with innovation. She believes in the power of real estate investment as a key to wealth for your family and generations to follow. It’s a balancing act of learning, living and growing. During her play time, you can find her on mountaintops, at yoga workshops or hanging out with friends in the outdoors.