Jesse Davies

Jesse Davies got his start in business at an early age by being raised by two parents who were both entrepreneurs, one building a gourmet cheese business in the Northeast and the other a construction company. Jesse launched his first business, a web-development practice, at 19 years old and went on to start three other businesses before entering the Real Estate industry in 2015. Upon his entry into the real estate, Jesse quickly picked up best practices which he labels as “1) the process of lead generation every day and 2) having someone to model after.” Through these two acts, Jesse quickly became a rising star in the region, having tracked over a quarter million lead generation calls, mentoring countless agents to reach their own goals, and much more. His enthusiasm for business theory and development led to him becoming a coach himself where he has aided many in the space to expand their businesses and lives. He, his wife Amy, and their two daughters live in Dover, NH. 

Jesse spends his free time reading, exercising, and tinkering in the house. He partnered with Domaine out of a growing need for agents and their businesses seeking best practices for lead generation, both in method and scope, and to support the endeavors of others as they look to accomplish their efforts of delivering the dream of homeownership to those seeking it.