Location, Location, Location

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Published 05/11/17

Basically all you need to know about real estate. Where do you want to live?

One of the major decisions you must make in the home search process is deciding where you want to live. Some answers to this question may be more detailed than others. Some may just want to live within a 30 minute commute to work. Others may want to have certain things within walking or biking distance (like a coffee shop, park, or certain school). And some may be heart set on a particular neighborhood.

We’ve put the following list together for you to learn a little more about some of the neighborhoods around Portland. We plan to add other locations around Greater Portland in the future.

Portland Neighborhoods

BACK COVE - Back Cove Neighborhood Association

BAYSIDE - Bayside Neighborhood Association

DEERING CENTER - Deering Center Neighborhood Association

EAST BAYSIDE - East Bayside Neighborhood

EAST DEERING - East Deering Neighborhood Association

HOBART STREET - Hobart Street Wildlife Sanctuary

INDIA STREET - India Street Neighborhood Association

LIBBYTOWN - Libbytown Neighborhood Association

MUNJOY HILL - Munjoy Hill Neighborhood Organization

NASON'S CORNER - Nason's Corner Neighborhood Association

NORTH DEERING - North Deering Neighborhood Association

PARKSIDE - Parkside Neighborhood Association

PEAKS ISLAND - Peaks Island Council

RIVERTON - Riverton Community Association

ST. JOHN VALLEY - St. John Valley Neighborhood Association

STROUDWATER VILLAGE - The Stroudwater Village Association

UNIVERSITY - University Neighborhood Organization (UNO)

WEST END - West End Neighborhood Association

WESTERN PROMENADE - Western Promenade Neighborhood Association

WOODFORDS-OAKDALE - Woodfords-Oakdale Neighborhood Association

Also worthy of checking out is the Portland Press Herald, Special Projects, The Neighborhoods. They have a great map of the Portland neighborhoods.