Just Moved In - Now What?

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Published 11/09/16

Need help getting settled in? Organizing, packing, finding the grocery store. Sometimes you just can’t do it all alone.

Relocating to a new community can be difficult, daunting and confusing. Where to start? Where to get your groceries? Where to get a pizza?
Here are some links to resources that may be helpful in your move here.
Oh, and welcome to Maine!

Town Websites

Need to know the nitty gritty for each town. Here are the Greater Portland Town Websites:

You can also check out our Location, Location, Location resource for specific neighborhoods within the above cities and towns.


You’ll need lights and power. Here are some local electric companies:

After all that moving, you’ll want a drink of water and a shower. Better get your water hooked up.

Ready to chill out and watch a movie or post about your awesome new house? Got to get your internet set up.


Vehicle Registration

Beep, Beep. New residents to Maine have 30 days from the date they establish residency to register and title their vehicles with the Maine BMV.


Gotta get the kiddos’ enrolled in school:


Don’t forget to get your mail forwarded to your new abode:

Trash & Recycling

Moving creates a lot of trash and recycling. Here’s when your trash pickup is scheduled:


Hungry? Here’s the local grocery stores:


Need a place to sit?


Greater Portland has a few compost pick up services. Reduce your trash waste and help the environment.


Get some fresh produce and connect with your local farmers:


Need to get some energy out and run around? Here’s some cool places to play:


Need some help getting all your stuff organized? Here’s a few home Organizers:


Pizza and moving go together:


Maine offers some programs for homeowners to save money: